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Large Screen iPad Plus Rumored

Apple’s iPad range is already huge, not in terms of screen size, but simply due to the massive amount of iPad models currently in production. The range goes all the way from the iPad 2, through the iPad Air and to the new iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air 2. It really is staggering how much choice iPad buyers have when picking out the device to suit their needs.

Rumor has it another device, an iPad Plus, with a bigger screen, are surfacing in response to earlier rumors which seemed to point to the new device.

Apparently, the device is set to include a 12.2 inch screen to rival Microsoft Surface tablets, and also a feature people have been demanding for years, another set of speakers on the other end of the device, meaning positional audio will be possible.

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This means that ‘surround sound’ like features could be possible, giving the device left and right hand speakers for applications to use. For games, such as Minecraft on the iPad, this could mean players have an easier time locking down the positions of enemy monsters approaching from either side. Previously , no direction for a sound’s point of origin in a virtual environment was possible.

This graphic appeared on the Macotakara blog – it allegedly shows the additional speakers.

The report originates from japanese blog, which calls the device the iPad Pro. Other features mentioned by the blog’s unnamed ‘reliable sources’ mention that the device will be designed differently from other iPads – the iSight, Lightning Connector and Touch-ID sensor will apparently be ‘Placed like as MacBook Air LCD panel’.

This may mean that the features will be positioned somewhat differently to other iPads, as the report also says that the edge of the device will be cut differently from the ‘diamond-cut’ shape currently in use.

Less mysterious features have been detailed, such as the iPad pro, or Plus, will be less thick that the iPad Air 2, but sit somewhere in thickness terms between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, meaning it will be roughly 7mm thick.

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With regards to release, according to the report manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand for the current iPhone generation (6 and 6 Plus) meaning that the device may not appear until 2015.

Whether the device is genuine remains to be seen, the leak is of course to eb taken, as always, with the precautionary pinch of salt. However, a larger, more robust iPad could be a great tablet for the entertainment side of iPad use – surround sound and a bigger screen means better games and film quality.

Via: Techspot