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Largest Research Review to Date Deems Mobile Phone Radiation is Not Harmful

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The age-old debate of whether mobile phones emit harmful radiation is one that will probably rage on for years to come. However, the years of research on the subject to date have now been proved inconclusive: there is no clear evidence that mobile phones emit harmful radiation.

A crack team at the Health Protection Agency advisory group has evaluated years upon years of research that has already been carried out by scientists and agencies around the world, and has decided that there is no concrete evidence pointing towards mobile phones causing human health issues.

We’ve all heard the stories and read the fear-inducing headlines: ‘Mobile Phones cause brain tumours’ and ‘Too much time on your mobile may increase risk of cancer’. Thankfully those horror headlines aren’t all that accurate.

The HPA did state that while mobile phone usage isn’t linked with health issues, it doesn’t have sufficient information to decide whether prolonged usage – of 15 years or more – could eventually cause problems.

“There is no convincing evidence that radiofrequency exposure causes health effects in adults or in children but beyond 15 years for mobile phones, we have to say we have little or no information,” Swerdlow said. “I think it is important therefore, to some extent, to keep an eye out on this, which we will do into the future” says Professor Anthony Swerdlow, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Cancer Research.

“There are still limitations to the published research that preclude a definitive judgement, but the evidence overall has not demonstrated any adverse effects on human health from exposure to radiofrequency fields below internationally accepted guideline levels,” he continued.

The group reviewed the effects of mobile phone usage on the human brain back in 2003 and has since held the stance that children should avoid excessive mobile phone usage. After researching again this year, the HPA has stated that it still stands by this idea, although now it says the reassurance that there are no harmful effects as a result is now much stronger.

With the huge surge in mobile phone and smartphone usage on a day-to-day basis in recent years, this news is sure to come as a relief to many, we can imagine.

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Source: The Guardian