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Top 5 Latest Apple iPad 3 Accessories

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Today we’ll be looking at five of the latest and greatest accessories available for our favourite Apple tablet, that third generation iPad. Let’s get right into the top five iPad accessories!

 5. Universal Cradle for iPad, iPhone and iPod

The Universal Cradle for iPad is a sleek and convenient iPad desk stand, providing charging, syncing and perfect positioning for reading incoming notifications. This particular model is also largely case-compatible, with an adjustable plug that allows you to keep your case on when you’re charging your iPad. This model also charges and displays the smaller iPhone and iPod, too.

4. Avantree High Power Dual USB Car Charger for iPad

If you want to use an iPad on the road, then you’ll need a good car charger. Most car chargers tend to provide only around 1A of power, far less than the 2.1A that the iPad (particularly the third generation or new iPad) demands. This car charger provides the full amount, 2.1A, and also includes two USB ports. This means that that 2.1A can be split between two iPhones or other smartphones (or indeed, smaller devices) and everything will still charge at full power.

3. iBallz Universal Tablet Stabilising and Shock Absorbing Harness

These iBallz are hilarious – as well as being oversized balls with ‘iBallz’ written on them, they provide a good amount of protection from impact damage when installed; perfect for children or the just generally clumsy. The balls can be adjusted to fit other tablets, or even rearranged to turn into a desk stand that keeps the iPad at a good height for writing or watching movies.

2. Cygnett CarGo Car Mount for iPad 3 / iPad 2

The Cygnett CarGo (see what they did there?) is a clever iPad car holder. Compatible with the third generation and second generation iPads, the CarGo will hold the iPad safely and securely. It’s compatible with cases too, saving you time and effort each time you go for a car ride. The CarGo is fully adjustable with tilt and rotate controls, allowing for that perfect positioning.

1. Otterbox Defender Case

This case for the iPad 3 is one of the very best, offering incredible protection through a smart triple layer system. There’s a solid polycarbonate shell that protects against drops and bumps, an inner silicone core that provides impact dissipation and a thermal-formed sheet which will protect the screen of the iPad 3 whilst still allowing full use – the perfect iPad cover.


Thanks for reading this top five list about the iPad 3 and its accessories. For more information, please feel free to ask questions in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer them if we can. Have a great day, and we’ll see you next time!

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This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun.


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