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Leaked iPad 5 schematics reveal Apple’s next tablet will be thinnest ever

We may have just gotten our first look at the upcoming fifth-generation iPad, thanks to schematics published by French website Nowhere Else.

The schematics appear to show an iPad 5 that is much thinner than the current iPad 4 (7.9 mm vs 9.4 mm), but not quite as thin as the iPad Mini (7.2 mm). The new iPad 5 should also sport a much thinner bezel, making for a smaller tablet overall. According to calculations made by Nowhere Else upon the schematics of the iPad case, the iPad 5 will measure 232 mm by 178.5 mm – a lot smaller than the 241.3 mm and 185.8 mm frame of the iPad 4.

Apple recently filed for a patent that would allow for multi-functional bezels – appearing black and non-reactive when held, but becoming an expansion of the main screen when resting on a surface or showing a full-screen video. It’s possible that this technology will be available on the iPad 5, but the effect would be greater with the upcoming iWatch and I reckon that’s where we’ll see it first.

That’s largely what was expected, with most rumours holding that the iPad 5 would come with a design very similar to the iPad Mini – after all, the iPad Mini is the most recent iPad design so it makes sense to use that as a jumping off point.

The final piece of information from the article is a release date for the fifth generation iPad: between the middle of September and the end of October. That’s a pretty specific time frame, and would make sense given the timing of iPad releases in the past.

So, there we have it – the look, dimensions and release date for the upcoming fifth generation iPad. I’m personally more excited for a potential Retina Display iPad Mini, but it’s good to see improvements for the full-size iPad as well. What do you think of the design?