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Leave Facebook? – Umpteen Reasons Why

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Leave Facebook? How many negative news events does it take for a facebook user to quit? Why would you want to though? So many people you need to stay in touch with right?

The list below was thrown together quickly for effect. An in depth look at it all is not where we are at today.

Why would I leave Facebook?

Monitor and listen in on your messenger chat and calls.
Has sold your information to anyone with deep pockets. (Cambridge Analytica)
Can choose what to feed through to you.
No anonymity
Populated on average by people who know little about tech and the developing digital world. (You cannot apply paper news logic to a social media giant)
Mark Zuckerberg owns over half of it. (Too much control of such a powerful instrument in one set of hands)
Reports of mental breakdown and illness related to stress in the admin companies that monitor Facebook.

Social Media

Social media is something that is constantly evolving.  Just like the human social connections we have on a basic level. Social interactions evolve through time depending on the general feel and testament of the populace. For example, seeing someone holding themselves out straight rigidly on a park bench might have caused alarm ten years ago. Today, ‘oh they are just planking’. That small, social interaction is something that would have been unheard of prior to the meme. Clothing, eating choices, lifestyle, these all change over time. they depend on the needs of the many in a large way, they also depend on the needs of the few. Each choice an internet citizen makes impacts the whole. Before internet they called it public purchasing power. And, just like buying an item, you have a choice over which social media you use.

Considering the time humans have been around, this digital social system is still a blip. It will evolve and change.  Over a very short space of time we have gone from having approximately 100 people we know and communicate with, to thousands. All at the touch of a button.

You may not think removal of all your information from Facebook is much to the Goliath we created. It is though. Each loss of personal data lowers the grasp this behemoth has over us collectively.

There are many options out there to remain in touch with your loved ones, nearest and dearest.  This particular reason to not leave Facebook really holds no weight. In the internet led world we now live in, the choices are many.

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