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Translation Devices Across All Mediums – Babelfish anyone?

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Translation devices may just lead the charge with wearables in the very near future.

We currently have devices that will read our body temperature, regularly monitor our pulses, and check our sleep patterns.  Not bad, and that was even before 5G entered the arena. The majority in this growing sector are undeniably smart watches. It is not all wrist attachments though. The future human has many exciting attachments to look forward to!

Translation Devices

A key advancement will undoubtedly be the ability to understand many languages. This can be done albeit at a slow pace via smartphone already. With the advances in network speed we can also expect instant translation. You wont even need to wear headphones to hear the translation. 

MIT researchers are working on a wearable to read your inner voice.

The device is named AlterEgo.

Pretty impressive, the device also sends audio via bone induction. This means you do not need to block your ears to hear it. This also means you can hear the world around you at the same time. That’s integration right there. Seamless joining of the digital and physical worlds.

AlterEgo reads the subtle changes in your facial muscles. More importantly the AI makes sense of these hitherto unknown facial ticks. It then translates an answer to the question you may have been posing. The amazing part is that these facial movements happen when we speak in our minds. We do not feel the slight movements in our face but the devices sensor net will.

This is not just the translation of national languages either. Sign language will also be understood and instantly translated. This is not where the tech is at currently, this is where it is heading. Ideally smart glasses or contacts will also be available. This would mean the reverse translation from spoken words to visual for those wearing some form of occular device. The headset itself could eventually be adapted to project  images via augmented reality.

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