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Legend of Zelda Inspired Tri Force Lamp Goes on Sale Through Etsy

Even the most weathered adventure gamer needs time to rest their weary eyes at some point, so to make the transition from their travels and trials to restful reality an easier one for Legend of Zelda fans an Etsy seller is provided a perfect solution in the form of this ambience setting Tri-Force inspired lamp!

Lovingly crafted in an art deco style with considerable detail (and by an obvious fan), the Tri Force lamp resembles the sacred artefact, which is a key element of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda legacy. It features a poplar frame which measures 11-inches each side and a birch face, with the triangular portions cut from a translucent yellow acrylic which releases a gentle light.

The lamp can be hung or positioned free standing on a desk and offers an illuminating wind down after a heavy boss battle or to light your way through that adventure novel you’ve been reading on your Kindle.

The Tri Force Lamp comes after the Super Mario Bros Question Mark Block Lamp and can be pre-ordered through Etsy via TheBackPackShoppe for $95. Sadly for us Brits it seems delivery is currently limited to only the U.S and Canada (despite a price conversion shown of around £61).

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