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LG 55-Inch OLED 3D TV Arrives at Harrods with £10K Price Tag

If you have a spare ten grand and are looking to seriously upgrade your home TV experience, LG’s latest 3D offering has just arrived in the UK boasting 55-inches of super sharp high definition OLED display.

South Korean co. LG actually showed off its big screen OLED technology several years ago at the annual Consumer Electronics Show but it’s taken a while for them to be produced and arrive at an ‘affordable’ price. But it’s clear to see the quality in the crystal clear display which offers a more organic looking light system for the viewer’s eyes, providing superbly sharp images and deep contrasts.

The LG OLED TV also delivers Cinema 3D mode and Smart TV capabilities for access to a range of apps for social and games as well as streaming services and general web browsing.

The unbelievably slim telly weighs just 10kgs and is the first of its kind and size to hit the market over here and is being sold exclusively through Harrods – the high-brow store in Knightsbridge, London.

This kind of gives you the idea that this TV is strictly for the serious salary makers and most of us will never get to see such a set in our own living room. But we thought we’d give you the heads up anyway!