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LG Adds TVs to its Mosquito Repelling Arsenal

In 2009 LG elected to join the war against the mosquito. It did this by releasing an air conditioner with inbuilt ultrasonic wave technology, the concept being that without using toxic substances it could help drive mosquitoes out of the home.

The device went on sale in Indonesia in 2009 and India in 2014 and sold well enough to prompt a fresh foray into the technology. The effect of ultrasonic mosquito repellent on bites is disputed but that hasn’t stopped LG putting it into a new line of televisions.

The cheapest model is going to feature a 32” display and cost £275, the top of the range model maxes out at 43” and retails for £490. In a statement released with the launch the LG electronics director stated;

“LG is constantly introducing products based on Indian insights, making them more meaningful for the Indian consumers. The new Mosquito Away technology in television is an extension of this philosophy, transiting beyond viewing experience and truly building a healthy environment at home”

LG intend to drive mosquitoes away using ultrasonic waves

The advertising campaign is leaning heavily on the fact that the device doesn’t use toxic chemicals, or radiation to drive away the insects, with the device only needing to be turned on for the repellent feature to work.

Mosquitoes are a major health issue in Asia and India with the latter seeing its worst dengue fever outbreak in years in 2015 with over 10,683 cases. Any efforts, disputed effects or otherwise are guaranteed to get a great deal of attention in the region.

LG have attempted to combat detractors by advising that the devices and the air conditioners shouldn’t be the only measures taken and that they should be used in conjunction with alternate repellents. Only time will tell if the devices can outperform the voices of their critics.