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LG G4 to be unveiled in April, according to Korean media reports

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard quite a few rumours surrounding the successors to the popular HTC One (M8) and also the Samsung Galaxy S5; however, we’ve heard hardly anything about the device that will be replacing LG’s current flagship phone, the G3.

A lot of LG fans have been pondering as to why no information has become available from the various tech websites regarding the LG G4, and it’s thought that the reason for this is due to the fact that the smartphone will not be unveiled during MWC, but instead at some point in April.

According to a Korean publication, a source has told them that LG have decided against announcing the successor to the G3 during the Mobile World Congress, no doubt this is due to the fact that a lot of manufacturers will be fighting for media attention, and LG obviously want to stage their own event to ensure the G4 will have the attention it deserves; in fact, the report states that LG want to hold off the announcement to ensure they have some in-between time to “make a bigger splash”. If the information turns out to be accurate, it will be pretty much a full year since LG announced the G3 which made its first appearance in May 2014.

While the LG G4 will be considered the company’s flagship device this year, we should note that LG are still keen on releasing high-end smartphones to the market – it’s not been long since the LG Flex2 has been announced, and while it might be considered a bit of a niche device, it still certainly packs a punch when you consider it features some of the latest technologies, such as 3GB of RAM and also the most recent Snapdragon 810 SoC.  No doubt the G4 will have similar if not a better specification and perhaps some unique features too – just a couple more months to wait and find out (hopefully).