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LG Unveils Improved G-Flex 2 Smartphone

LG’s original G-Flex smartphone was a proof of concept for the concave smartphone design. Featuring a slight inward curve, the phone received mixed reception from users, who praised the look and feel of the phone but sadly the phone’s screen and camera just didn’t cut it in the eyes of critics.

Now LG have unveiled the next model in the range, the G-Flex 2, which features a better screen, higher processing power and a 13 megapixel camera – both new features making up for the shortcomings of the original model.

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Another cool feature of the original G-Flex, carried on into the new G-Flex 2, is a regenerating rear casing, made from a flexible material which heals itself after a while if scratched or dented. The coating returns on the new model, with the time it takes to heal dramatically shortened, from around 3 minutes to just ten seconds.

New specs also make the phone a more serious contender. There’s that 13 MP rear camera as well as a 2.1 MP front camera, and a Snapdragon octa core 2.0ghz chip improves on the phone’s speed. The camera contains tech also found in LG’s G3, including laser auto focus, OIS+ and a dual-LED flash.

The original G-Flexs’s hardware didn’t meet with much approval, but the new model, pictured above, makes up for that splendidly.

Additionally, the screen, scaled down slightly to 5.5 inches, provides a 1080p display, and still remains just as curved as on the original model. Also included for storage are 16gb or 32gb of internal memory plus a microSD port, meaning the device has more than one storage option.

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As for when it’s available, the G-Flex 2 should be coming out soon in South Korea later this month, with a global release coming soon after. you can pick it up in red or silver and US carriers AT&T and Sprint have both already committed to carrying the phone on its release.

The curved handset fits snugly in the back pocket, and the new hardware and regenerating rear of the G-Flex 2 are sure to attract smartphone enthusiasts as the new model is much more competitive following the upgrades.

Source: LG Newsroom

Via: TechSpot