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Is LG making Google an Android Nexus tablet?

Google’s Android Honeycomb Tablet OS is big news at the moment, with the operating system being the go-to software for many manufacturers to enter into the tablet market with. But, rumours are currently abound about Google releasing its own Nexus branded tablet, which will become a flagship Honeycomb device.

Will Google release a Nexus Tablet?

Word is coming in that Google are prepping a new tablet to beat all tablets, due for an unveiling/release this summer. The news is coming from Russian mobile website Mobile Review, and its whistleblowing mobile man Eldar Murtazin, who reports that LG has been tasked with producing a pure Google Nexus tablet.

The tablet would be optimised for the Android 3.0 OS, otherwise known as Honeycomb, and would likely be the flagship device for all future updates and incarnations of the Tablet OS. Similar to the two flagship Google mobile phones, the Google Nexus One (made by HTC) and Nexus S (made by Samsung), Google would then push the software out in its purest form to the device before other manufacturers can add their spin on the OS.

Other than that the details are very shaky and we can file this securely under Rumour, but if there was to be a release of information for the device itself then we should expect more information around mid-summer or early autumn.

Until then we can only cross our fingers for a solely Google-based tablet.

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