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LG Reveals Roll-up OLED Display at CES 2016

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The Consumer Electronics Show is now well under way in Las Vegas and this annual event can often be a good indicator of the ones to watch and the directions tech will take throughout the next 12 months.

LG has started the show on a roll – literally, by unveiling its promised 18-inch OLED display which “can be rolled-up like a newspaper”.

Flexible and curved screens have been on the rise in recent years particularly from LG with its TVs and its South Korean neighbour/rival Samsung whose notable contributions have been the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Note Edge. But we think even Samsung might be taking some notes after what LG rolled out this week.

In a pre-CES press release on Monday LG talked about what we can expect from its appearance at this year’s event and about showcasing “futuristic concept displays that highlight the dynamic forms that OLED can achieve” and the photos and footage surfacing live up to LG’s slogan of Your Imagination, Our Innovation and are really remarkable.

Here we see an ultra-thin OLED display bended back over itself flexed and rolled – while still displaying a clear high quality image. The only criticism we’ve come across so far comes from the BBC’s hands-on review which mentioned dead pixels spotted here a there, but for a first outing we think what we’ve seen so far is most impressive and the potential uses when it’s finally consumer-ready are mind-boggling.

As well as the rollable display LG will be demonstrating new display concepts including super-sized 65-inch and 77-inch UHD OLED TV panels and also a 55-inch double-sided TV which allows video to be played on both the front and back surfaces.

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