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Lightning to 30 pin dock adaptor will NOT come with iPhone 5

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When Apple announced the iPhone 5 with a new 8 pin Lightning dock connector, every potential buyer with a docking station shuddered. As we’d expected though, an 8 to 30 pin adaptor was confirmed as a solution for anyone who wants to use the new phone with an older accessory.

The prices for Apple’s new accessories were recently revealed, and as it happens this adaptor doesn’t come cheap at £25. We were expecting the adaptor to come free of charge with Apple’s £500+ iPhone 5, but now it seems that the Cupertino Company isn’t so sure.

Initially Apple listed on its website that the 30 pin adaptor would be bundled with all models of the new iPhone, but now The Next Web has received confirmation from one of Apple’s Online Sales Representatives that this was in fact a mistake.

When pre-ordering a new iPhone 5 from the Apple site, there is no mention of the adaptor being in the box. Additionally, the adaptor is offered as an extra for £25 on top along with the Lightning to Micro USB adaptor for £15.

While you’ll be able to charge and sync using the Lightning to USB cable that comes in the box, you will need one of the adaptors to be able to do several key things, including video out (for connecting to TV or monitor), and iPod Out, which allows the iPod app to be controlled by an external device, such as a car stereo.

After speaking to a second online Apple rep, TNW was advised that the whole fiasco was currently under investigation at Apple. We’re also looking into the issue, and will let you know whether you’ll be getting the adaptor with your iPhone 5 or not!

UPDATE: After speaking to an Apple rep, we’ve received confirmation that the dock connector does not come with the iPhone 5.

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