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Lightweight Kindle (4th Generation) Now Available for Only £69 on Tesco Direct

With Amazon recently unveiling several new additions to its Kindle family including Google Nexus 7 botherers the Kindle Fire HD and second edition Kindle Fire 2012, the e-tailer turned e-book pioneer has promised price drops on the original Kindle range and as part of a new price programme at Tesco Direct we Brits can grab the tab for a few notes less as of today.

The e-reader now on offer for £69 is the fourth gen version of the classic Amazon Kindle – that’s the pre-touchscreen model, the one with all functions performed with the buttons across the bottom. The display is an ample 6” and uses E-Ink Pearl screen tech with a number of visual enhancements over the preceding edition. This includes easier-to-read fonts with greater contrast between word and screen, making favourite novels and digests much more suitable for reading.

Improvements on this one can also be felt in its weight and this Kindle is only 170 grams – that’s less than your average copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and a far more compact way of carrying around up to 1400 books from the 650,000 that will be available to you from the Amazon Kindle store through the gadget’s built-in Wi-Fi connection.

If you’ve been hesitant about picking up a Kindle now is a great time to try out the entry level model at a price to please through Tesco Direct.

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