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Lose Yourself In Gigapixel images

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Gigapixel images are mind-blowing when viewing anything with a lot of detail. Not just your standard amount of detail either. How does a full 360 degree image of Rome grab you? 

Gigapixel images are digital images made of one billion pixels. That’s an amazing 1000 times the information captured by a 1 megapixel digital camera.

For the curtain twitchers out there, this site is a dream. No eye squinting here either. The image has so many pixels that you can even zoom in on something in the far background.

Although we have only linked cities here, there are a lot of images to view on the site. From markets in Mauritania to the Milky Way, there will be something to whet your visual appetite.

As well as images, the site offers the ability to upload a 360 degree video for others to enjoy too. On that note, photo and video copyright belongs to the creators so if you fancy an image on the wall, best to send a message to the up-loader.




360Cities also offers a blog explaining some of the uploads and why they are featured. There are curated sets for your personal enjoyment ranging from Halloween images to deserted ghost towns. 

Most of the images can be viewed in VR so throw on that headset and get lost somewhere!

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