Mozilla release Firefox 5 web browser – more to come before end of 2011

Mozilla’s Firefox 5 web browser has been released early and is up for grabs right now – before the official launch date which was set for tomorrow.

Take note however, this appears to be merely a minor update and not a full release and revived platform – but it does feature a new ad blocker and a whole bag of bugs have been squashed. In addition, support for Google’s WebM video media for HTML 5 comes onboard.

With Mozilla set to pump out more updates by the end of the year it seems more of these little adjustments are in store – rather than a total relaunch of the internet browser software. The former Netscape developers are already gearing up towards Firefox 6 and 7 which already in sight for 2011 releases.

More inticement to switch allegiances for those of us who are more than a little fed up with Microsoft’s lacklustre efforts with IE9.

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