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Magic Leap Team With The NBA

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Well, its been a while since any update on the mysterious tech startup device but now we have one; Magic Leap team with the NBA!

In a video shown on stage at Recode’s Code Media conference yesterday, retired NBA star Shaq endorsed the product. Shaq is currently an NBA analyst and explained his love of the match views Magic Leap could offer.

Rony Abovitz was on stage with the NBA commisioner Adam Silver, and, was rather vague about what the device could actually do. Magic Leap are still remaining closely under wraps, nobody actually knows what the device is capable of but Rony Abovitz seems pretty convinced it will be the evolving step from pc’s.

Magic Leap Device

Whilst talking about the NBA and Shaq endorsing the product Rony let on a few secrets though.

Magic Leap make bagels… Alright, we are pretty sure he was joking here but who knows with the NDA in place.

“AR does not apply any more to what we are doing”

Magic Leap is a new computer platform; so it’s not a VR or AR display device at all but something entirely different. To be honest, this is probably the most exciting point to come from the live chat in regards to the device.

For basketball fans though, this seems to be offering something very new and exciting. If all things spoken about are fully considered. Once the device has been released you should be able to start watching non live games from every angle. Bear in mind though that this will not actually be available on release but will be something Magic Leap are working towards implementing.

The Leap device should be shipping in 2018 and we shall be hearing more news about it in the Spring. Until then this is what we have. Hopefully it is the new leap from PC, that would be great but it will also need cloud computing and 5G to function well and without lag.

For the full talk:

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