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How Magic Leap Works – A Theory

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This should be the year that the few become the many in knowing how Magic Leap works. We have mentioned the device previously in a couple of posts and are very excited about its prospects.

Cloud processing? We mentioned this in a previous post concerning the Hatch App. The Hatch app has been  tested by quite a few of us here in the office. On the whole Hatch seems to run without issue. Sometimes it will stutter or the game will restart due to signal drops. The Hatch app is cloud based gaming. For example, you are in the middle of a puzzle, your phone loses signal. As soon as your device goes invisible to the cloud it will save the progress. The cloud remembers where you were and you continue where you left off when the signals available again. Basically the app is a window to the virtual machines running the game.

Taking the above into consideration, the reason it works so well is that the processing is done in the cloud. 

With Magic Leap claiming that their device is the next step from the pc; a kind of evolutionary leap so to speak, this led us to speculate on how it will all work. 

How Magic Leap works?

The magic leap device is wireless and lightweight. This probably means that a lot of the processing involved will not be done by the device completely but will be aided by cloud processing. This not only improves the speed of things but it will also mean less heat generated which is great for your face.

If this device really can be a game-changer in the PC world then it has to benefit massively from 5G implementation, and cloud AI. The possibilities are pretty much impossible to predict. Obviously some things are a given:

You will be able to use VR and AR based on choice without having to switch to another device or accessory

Multiple applications will be able to be run simultaneously without issue, wirelessly

Instead of having your face in a screen, you will be looking through the screen at everything you choose to view both virtually and physically

You will not need to connect it to a PC

To put this in layman terms…

Imagine being able to look at anything you wish to, instantly, and without pausing everything else you want to do or view, at the same time. This is a possibility when you combine 5G, Cloud Artificial intelligence and the Magic Leap device.

Now, it may not be exactly like this but we will definitely be seeing something similar, if the hype is real that is.