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Marvel Fans Use a GoPro to Create Iron Man POV Video

With Captain America: Civil War blowing up at the box office with the long-awaited clash between the Star-Spangled Avenger and Ol’ Shell Head – Iron Man himself drawing massive numbers globally, Marvel comic-to-cinema characters have never been more popular.

Obviously, being purveyors of all things tech we’re a mark for Stark and were really impressed by a recent YouTube video that gave us the opportunity to see exactly what it looks like to see a battle through Iron Man’s helmet visor.

Made by a bunch of fans collectively calling themselves Ismahawk, the video titled FIRST PERSON: IRON MAN (Captain America: Civil War) was recorded using a GoPro camera and a drone for some seriously cool flying footage.

With lots of post-editing and lavish special effects the scene puts us in Iron Man’s POV and comes complete with HUD (heads-up display) graphics on screen and we get to see Stark’s hand blasters take out a whole host of foes before facing off with Captain America in the final moments of the scene. There’s even a swinging cameo to be spotted if you’re paying close attention.

We would really hope Marvel’s video games developers are watching this because there’s plenty of inspiration to make a kick-ass Iron Man game like this!

It’s not the first time Ismahawk have taken on the comic book genre and have also created a number of cool Marvel/DC ‘versus’ mash-ups between comparable super-folks, such as Quicksilver and The Flash / Hawkeye and Green Arrow. All of their work so far can be found on the YouTube channel which we highly recommend checking out!