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UK Network Launches EE Jay Tablet – Will it Take Off?

UK network EE has been offering up some affordable self-branded smart devices for a while now and have just announced the latest in the line-up – a new tablet, and following the brand’s avian theme, this one is called the EE Jay.

With a style that looks and feels like a classic budget tablet – the type that seem to be pouring out on to the market lately, the EE Jay comes running on a quad-core Mediatek MTK8735M CPU, often found in lower-end Chinese products, and it clocks in at 1.0GHz which would be ideal for home use and general media for applications like Netflix or Spotify. The tablet also comes with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 32GB via the Micro-SD card slot.

The 5-megapixel main camera is a safe choice for photo taking and a HD screen resolution showing up at 768 x 1024, on the 7.85” screen, described as “dazzling” which unfortunately we have yet to see in physical form. These are nice features for the size of the tablet given that it weighs in at 350g which for most users would be easy to handle for extended periods of time, the size and shape here; 7.8mm in depth and 199.96mm high and 134.66mm wide which again make for a comfortable fit for general use.

For connectivity the EE Jay comes with 4G, GPS/Wifi and Bluetooth capability, although it does lack NFC and Quick Tap which we do not think are features most users of a tablet of such specifications would need or miss.

The tablet is advertised with a 7 hour battery life on a 3,600mAh battery, although actual use before charging will need to be confirmed; the battery life may dither slightly if used for prolonged periods of time for more power hungry -applications, the physical look of the tablet is plain, sleek and elegantly simple. The unfortunate plates on the back presumably for the SD card and SIM card insertion points are not to our taste – However, that is only a minor quibble.

With an upfront fee of £29.99 and £18.50 a month for 10GB of data makes the deal generally affordable for anyone who can’t warrant an upfront charge around one to two hundred, what is brought to the plate with the Jay by EE would make it a great choice for a family friendly tablet.