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More iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Production Drawings Surface

There are more teasing Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus leaks today, with another set of production drawings out in the open and giving us our most detailed look at the handsets to date.

The spoils come via Catcher Technology, a casing manufacturer for Apple, and they show off the suspected final design of the iPhone 7 from all angles, with a back and front view and also side views which confirm a few of the rumours that have been floating around recently.

Firstly let’s note that the camera size on the iPhone 7 Plus image. The positioning is the same as on the standard iPhone 7 but on this image the lens tech has a more oblong housing, suggesting perhaps those speculated dual-lenses might live there. This corroborates with another image made available by Twitter leakmeister @OnLeaks and appears to be an exclusive benefit for those opting to purchase the iPhone Plus over the standard iPhone 7.

Another extra only for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus seems to be revealed by a series of three ports in the back which suggests the larger variant could follow the current modular trend and it’s likely the Plus will allow a selection of extra bits to be attached to enhance the handsets range of functions. With the next iPhone models suggested to come with just one speaker, this modular approach would likely offer scope for additional sound gadgets to be clipped on.

Again, no antenna bands are visible on the back of either model which once was an iPhone tradition and we can now probably assume the truth that the bands will now be featured on the top and bottom edges of the handset. Speaking of the edges, notably absent are any headphone ports – which goes a long way to confirm the idea that Apple would do away with the regular 3.5mm port and replace standard headphone connectivity with lightning dock or some other form of wireless setup.

As far as size goes we know from earlier this week that the standard iPhone 7 will measure 138.20 x 65 x 7.1mm – no less depth than the iPhone 6, despite rumours of a slimmer waistline due to Apple choosing to remove the headphone port. The iPhone 7 Plus will measure up at 158.22 x 94 x 7.3mm. Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are believed to be heading for a September debut which would fit historically with previous iPhone launches.

Source: Catcher Technology, @OnLeaks