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Marvel Pinball 3D Hits Nintendo eShop for 3DS – The Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine and More!

Marvel is really out in force this year, soon launching its second blockbuster movie of the year with The Amazing Spider-Man following up from The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble here in the U.K), and part of the massively marvelous marketing machine is the video games!

And if there wasn’t enough of your comic book favourites in the upcoming Marvel Heroes massively mulitplayer online roleplaying game then you might want to pick up your Nintendo 3DS for this one – Zen Studios has just announced Marvel Pinball will hit the Nintendo eShop on Thursday 28th of June!

Boasting a line-up of “The Greatest Super Heroes of All Time” (excluding DC stock, of course) a number of iconic characters such as Avengers Iron Man and Captain America, as well as day-walking-vampire vampire-hunter Blade and the Fantastic Four will all have their own themed Marvel Pinball tables in which players will get to bash balls and gain maximum points while bashing familiar foes in exciting bonus features.

There’s even the chance to challenge mates and compete in online challenges over your Nintendo 3DS handheld’s Wi-Fi connection. And of course being Nintendo’s most innovative portable to date it has a superpower of its own, so gameplay will be displayed in ultra-cool 3D – with the option to tone down the intensity with the gaming gadget’s slider.

A new announcement trailer shows off some of the awesome action in Marvel Pinball which was previously released as a 2D title for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 through their respective networks. Now the game has expanded and Avengers storyline’s such as the Infinity Gauntlet (a story which featured a certain cameo character in the Avengers movie) are incorporated in the game!

Marvel Pinball 3D is available from the 28th of June through the Nintendo eShop and is being advertised at 7 Euros (around £5.50).

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