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Microsoft Staff to Receive Exclusive White Xbox One as a Gift

As we all know the Xbox One is due to arrive in the hands of eager gamers this November/December, complete with a stylish black finish. However, it’s now been revealed that a handful of lucky Microsoft insiders will be offered a very special white edition Xbox One as a gift from their employer for all their hard work on the next gen console.

Microsoft Interactive staff members that stay on with the company until December 7th (a possible release date?) will get the cool white Xbox One which will not be available in any of the starting retail packages as seen by the general console buyer public.

Another perk of being on the Xbox One team mean these select few will also receive a year’s free Xbox LIVE, range of games and a special achievement. Perhaps the most defining detail about this unique gift will be an engraving on the front of each model which reads – ‘I made this’.

All was detailed in an internal message which found its way onto Reddit after being leaked by of one of the jammy Microsoft employees and was accompanied by a picture of the white Xbox One console in all its glory, complete with matching white controller. Leaving the rest of us salivating and wondering how much we’ll see this exclusive gaming gadget on eBay for in the lead up to Christmas!