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Facebook Users Can Soon Share 360 Degree Photos on the New Feed

Facebook really looks to be gearing towards virtual reality and has announced that it will soon be possible for social network users to share their own panoramic photos.

Facebook has been gradually filling up with impressive panoramic videos from businesses and brands such as Star Wars which allow viewers to navigate and explore a scene by moving the phone around and using swipes of the gadget’s touch screen. But the feature has not yet been made available to the general public. The news that this ground-breaking change will actually happen was delivered by the Facebook-owned Oculus brand via its company blog where it was reported that fully immersive images captured on 360 degree camera cane be uploaded and will become visible in the news feed in the ‘coming weeks’.

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There is a catch however, because not everybody on Facebook will get to enjoy the full VR experience. The 360 images will only be available to view in full VR by Facebookers who own the Samsung Gear VR headset which was launched six months ago – and is co-incidentally ‘powered’ by Oculus.

It will be a great game-changing for Facebook, once again setting it ahead from all other social websites and utilising the Oculus brand.

As well as news of Facebook 360 photos, Oculus also announced that it will be refreshing its website and app and a few new other goodies that will become available on the Gear VR. These include a video experience based on popular Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch and another show called Nomads which lets viewers witness the lives of a number of nomadic tribes. Should be really incredible stuff and more proof that this year will at long last see VR become a game-changer in the entertainment picture.

Source: Oculus