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Final Mortal Kombat downloadable character revealed: Heeere’s Freddy!

The final fearsome member of the Mortal Kombat roster of downloadable characters for Xbox 360 has been revealed. And the last addition to the fatal foursome is really a cut above the rest – Heeere’s FREDDY!

Netherealm’s Mortal Kombat rebooted the series earlier in 2011, and since that time the game has received a bounty of kick-ass treats, from “klassic” costumes for the existing characters such as Scorpion, Sub Zero and Mileena, along with four new characters – including Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain who have been revealed in a painfully slow fashion over the past few months. The four characters became available as single purchases, or could be bought together in a “Season Pass”.

A Nightmare on Elm Street child-killer Freddy Krueger had been rumoured, but difficult licensing issues with New Line Cinema (who never usually miss a Krueger cash-in op.) ruled out the rumours leaving us guessing who the fourth addition would be. It’s now official and a new trailer the dream stalker with the burnt face is seen emerging from flames taking on kombatants of the Outworld tournament with not one – but two – trademark razor fingered gloves, as well as a whole host of dream powers and nightmarish Fatalities.

Some fans of the Elm Street Legacy have been quick to point out this isn’t the wisecracking man of their dreams that was made infamous by the actor Robert Englund in 1984, but in fact this character is closer to the remodeled Krueger who was reborn from the ashes in last year’s so-so remake of the original movie, performed by Jackie Earle Haley.

The irony of these complaints is that this is the REMAKE Mortal Kombat.  So isn’t it actually kind of fitting that the remake Freddy is the character included?

For those unhappy with the choice to include Jackie’s Freddy in Mortal Kombat and not the original, remember you can currently find Robert Englund in Call of Duty: Black Ops “Call of the Dead DLC!

For those of us just happy to see an official appearance of Freddy in a video game after 21 years (the last was A Nightmare on Elm Street for NES in 1990) – the final downloadable character for Mortal Kombat on Xbox 360 is more than just a dream from August 9th!

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