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New Fire TV Stick – Alexa-Enabled Remote included!

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When it comes to streaming media players Amazon are no slouches. The Fire TV stick is a great little piece of kit, and, to remind you how good it is, the internet shopping giant have announced today that its new model fire stick will be shipping with an Alexa-enabled remote. This move was most probably due to Roku recently updating their whole line-up.

Amazon claim that the new version of Fire stick is faster than its forebearer and more powerful to boot.

Sporting a quadcore processor, doubling its previous power, it also supports 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi and of course the newly designed remote featuring Alexa!

Alexa is Amazon’s personal digital assistant, first introduced with the Echo smart speaker. On the Fire stick this enables users to just ask Alexa to search for what they want to watch.

Be aware though; the new improved FireStick does not support 4K, the soon to be available Chromecast is rumored to include 4k but we will have to wait and see. For those who only wish for a Fire Tv device with 4k, Amazon does supply a Fire Tv set top box that can, and does, stream 4k to your TV.

The price of the new model remains the same as the previous one at $40, no info yet for Uk prices. Also, if you are a lucky customer with this new device and activate it before the end of October, you will receive a $65 credit note from Amazon!