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New Kindle Paperwhite Rewrites the Book on E-Readers

Despite the wide availability of high power tablets that can pretty much handle any task you throw at them, people are still keen on buying dedicated e-readers – or so Amazon believes. Therefore they’ve just announced a brand new 6-inch Kindle Paperwhite with a bright high resolution display.

The new Kindle Paperwhite is fanciest model out of all the e-readers the online department store has launched and this one supposedly reads just like real paper with a screen resolution of 300 pixels per inch and a built-in adjustable light for reading at night or just a touch of subtle illumination. This e-reader model promises no screen glare which it boasts over most multimedia tablets.

Amazon has also introduced its very own font especially for the latest Kindle Paperwhite. It’s called ‘Bookerley’ and is an easy-on-the-eyes, natural typeface designed to optimise the reading experience and maximise your words per minute read rate. In the near future the Kindle Paperwhite will also welcome new ways to present the typesetting with line spacing and justification to match that of the print version of the book.

A few other noteworthy mentions that favour the new Kindle in the e-reader vs. tablet quandary are the Paperwhite 2015’s lightness and low power consumption, meaning you can take it on the road and not need to charge it for weeks at a time (depending on your need to read, of course).

And one point Amazon tries to get across in both this and its recent Kindle for Kids bundle is that unlike other tablets this is reading without distraction – get off the Facebook and into a good book. There are over three million available in the Kindle store starting from nothing.

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Pre-orders for the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite are live now with the device starting at £109.99 based on Wi-Fi only with Amazon ads. 3G and ad-free models are also available for additional cost and all will be shipped on the 30th of June.

Source: Amazon