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New Leak Details Possible iPad Plus

People have been talking about the possibility of a larger, bigger screen iPad for a while now, most pointing to a potential desire by Apple to compete with the larger Surface tablet range from Microsoft.

What we’ve heard in the last few days is a new ‘iPad Air Plus’ which may include a 12.2 inch screen to compete with the Surface Pro 3 and the Samsung galaxy Note Pro. The new leak comes from Japanese magazine MacFan, which has uncovered some schematics for the supposed new device.

The device in question measures 305.31 x 220.8 x 7mm and apparently includes the Apple A9 processor found in new Apple devices such as the iPad Air 2. MacFan says the device could hit shelves around April/June 2015.

Cryptic Clues: It’s hard to see very clearly, but the leaked image shows several features previously rumored.

Features include four speakers with stereo sound for increased media quality, a rumor we’ve heard before from previous leaks. The speaker system could alleviate poor speaker quality on the tablet range which is in part due to how small tablets currently are. When rotated, the speakers are reportedly able to change where the surround sound comes from – either vertically or horizontally depending the angle which the device is held.

With regards to the idea of larger tablets, competing with the laptop and netbook seems to be the purpose behind the move – Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft are often shipped as laptop replacements, and indeed the range incorporates a keyboard attachment which allows the device to function as a laptop in its own right.

Competition: Microsoft;s Surface Pro tablet range is larger and gives users more options than some iPad models currently available.

it’s not clear whether Apple does indeed desire to compete with Laptops, as their own laptop range is extensive – no other additions to the device such as a keyboard have been revealed to support this theory.

However, from the leaks we have seen it does seem very likely that Apple are to soon release some kind of larger iPad in order to get involved in the ‘bigger tablet’ game.

Whether the device will arrive at the date is not certain, as well as storage, internet connectivity or memory options have been revealed. It could be speculated the device might ship with multiple processor or memory options in order to increase functionality and power – in the same way as the new Mac Mini has been released.

For now, we’ll stay in the loop with rumors about such a device, and we’ll keep you posted on anything more as it comes out.

Source: MacFan

Via: Techspot