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New Mega Man animated series set to blast off in 2017

Almost three decades after his debut as a multi-platform gaming superhero, and twenty years after his last on-screen appearance, Mega Man is returning for a TV comeback in a new animated series set to blast off in 2017.

Games developer Capcom announced the big news that its cult platform character Mega Man (also known as MegaMan or Rokkuman in his native Japan) would be returning to TV in a contemporary new show that will still be relevant to kids of the day, just as it was back in the 90s. The new series will run for 26 episodes initially and Capcom will use this opportunity to update the franchise will promising to still maintain the ‘long tradition of the character’.

And it seems as though Mega Man will be in safe hands as the show will be developed with the help of animators and franchise management company Dentsu Entertainment USA which specialises in producing Western features with a Japanese anime influence, and Man of Action Entertainment – the company behind the Big Hero Six comic series which inspired the recent Disney hit movie as well as popular kids series Ben 10.

Capcom’s announcement and commitment to new media platforms for Mega Man is proof he is one of the defining characters in gaming history.

The popular blue-armoured mascot is still very much in demand by the fans who grew up with him and also by youngsters who are just discovering him anew thanks to his appearances in games such as Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. and a tie-in Amiibo figurine of Mega Man is also available.

With E3 just around the corner we might hear a bit more about the Mega Man show including how we’ll get to watch it. Capcom will definitely be there in force and are said to have a hat load of new titles to announce across a number of platforms, including a possible new Resident Evil game.