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New Nintendo 3DS 2.13 Release Confirmed – But Why No Charger?

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As expected the focus of this week’s Nintendo Direct presentation was the New Nintendo 3DS range. The online program hosted by company boss Satoru Iwata answered a number of questions about the new reimagined handheld but also left one burning question – Why no charger?

As the leaked promotional poster revealed yesterday, the New Nintendo 3DS has now been confirmed for release on February 13th in the UK, Europe and North America with this side of the pond getting choice of regular sized model in black or white and XL model in black or blue (and red in the US). Nintendo has decided not to release the smaller model in the United States at this time and has given no explanation as to why.

The New Nintendo 3DS introduces a long-awaited second analog control called the C-Stick, along with auto brightness, 3D image stabilisation through face-tracking and a new and improved processor for quicker load times and slicker gameplay. It’s really a more complete version of the portable 3DS console which met much criticism when first released in 2011 but despite all the great new additions, oddly, what Nintendo doesn’t throw in is an AC adapter to power the thing with.

Nintendo was quick to address this notable omission and put the decision down to cost cutting to benefit the buyers. The company believes that if many people already own previous editions of the 3DS or DSi, which come with the same charger, they may not require yet another one if they’re upgrading to a New Nintendo 3DS. Official chargers will be available separately for those buying the item as their first 3DS. So that’s that covered.

As well as the New Nintendo 3DS consoles there was also the announcement that twelve interchangeable cases would be available allowing players to customize their handhelds with some of Nintendo’s most famous faces including Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi as well as a few plain colour ones and some patterned designs based on the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda series.

And let us not forget the two special editions of the New Nintendo 3DS also announced and available from February 13th including the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Edition which is such a thing of beauty that deserves its own article.