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Cortana Updated in Windows 10 Leak

A new Windows 10 version has been leaked by testers, who have been able to access the new operating system for a while now. So far we’ve see a whole host of new features, and previous leaks have confirmed the inclusion of the classic Start Menu, Live Tiles and Virtual Desktops.

The new leak, WIndows 10 build 9901, shows off an improved version of digital assistant Cortana, who we previously saw on the operating system, but this time the system has been augmented with new features.

The upgraded Cortana is able to be brought up from the taskbar, where the assistant now permanently resides, by announcing ‘Hey Cortana’ to the computer or entering text commands.

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The previous version of Windows 10’s answer to Apple’s Siri wasn’t as polished and finished as this offering, the user interface for Cortana has been updated and now takes pride of place in the Windows 10 search interface in the taskbar.

As well as Cortana, the leak includes some brand new apps for Windows 10, and is demoed in the video below.

Cortana on Windows 10 is coming a lot closer to her Windows Phone counterpart, although she’s not quite finished yet. Leakers are reporting that work is still required and she’s not yet fully functional.

Meanwhile, several new apps have landed on Windows 10, such as Camera, Calculator, Alarms, Remind Me, Photos, Contact Support and Getting Started. Most of these are pretty standard fare, mirroring similar phone apps. It;s clear that Windows 10 will be absorbing previously phone-only features ahead of its release on phones as well as PCs.

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Standouts, at least in this in this list, are definitely Contact Support and Remind Me, the former being a relatively rare occurrence of a dedicated support app, and the latter offering the exciting prospect of customised notifications made by the user.

The update has been fully detailed over at Paul Thurrott’s WinSupersite, find them at the source link below. More Windows 10 information should be made official at an upcoming live streamed event this January 21st. Watch this space for our coverage on the day.

More Info: WinSupersite

Via: Techspot