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Nightmare Machine – Halloween, MIT Style

In time for Halloween, MIT has previewed a new AI-powered horror algorithm. Aptly named, the “Nightmare Machine”, the AI takes ordinary photos and uses the algorithm designed by MIT’s Media Lab to create new terrifying versions of those photos that even Clive Barker might find disturbing.

With a plethora of filters, including ‘Inferno’, ‘Ghost Town’, and even ‘Tentacle Monster’ (Cthulhu is everywhere this year), you can definitely find something that is sure to creep your friends out.

And while the possibilities are already running through my head, for example I’m sure any social media users will be putting this to good use this Halloween, I can only imagine what further uses MIT will cook up for their nightmare machine.

Some may find the idea of AI knowing exactly what scares you and being able to deliver that immediately terrifying in itself. In fact, the subject has been brushed upon in the latest series of “Black Mirror” in the episode “Play Test”.  The fact remains however, that for whatever reason, humans can’t get enough of fear. And MIT seems more than willing to give the people what they want.

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