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Twitter – Cutting Down The Vines

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The popular vlogging app Vine is soon to be an internet museum piece. Twitter have announced that due to a slump in user base they will be closing the app down.

Originally, Vine was an app that could be downloaded from iTunes and became quite popular. Twitter bought the app in 2012 for a mere $30M and it grew to a userbase of around 200M by the end of December 2015

Unfortunately, for the last few months Vines usersbase has been steadily declining, probably dues to mobile streaming platforms such as Twitch becoming more popular.

Twitter have not given a specific reason for shutting down the app but the one above is the most probable cause.

Vine lets people share six second clips the loop like a Gif. This Thursday just gone, Twitter also announced that they are cutting 9% of their workforce globally.

Upon hearing this news, Rus Yusupov, one of the founders of Vine tweted out: “Don’t sell your company!”

Since Twitter has recently integrated a video facility onto the back of Twitter plus launched the livestream app Periscope, its not hard to do the math and figure out why this has happened.

If you love Vines though you will still be able to download and play your favorite Vines from the site. The website will remain but there will be nothing new.

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