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Nintendo 3DS £175 at Tesco stores

Tomorrow is a big day for Nintendo and its European fans as  Nintendo’s latest handheld gaming console, and potential game changing device, the Nintendo 3DS, will be released across Europe.

So in the past few weeks we have seen a pretty consistent price war for the console, which has seen the cheapest retail price fall from the RRP of £229 down to the sub £200 mark, and now to an all-time low with Tesco coming in and undercutting its rival ASDA with a £175 lowest price.

Tesco will be opening a select few stores for a midnight opening to get the latest 3D handheld gaming device and will be offering the console for a boggling £175, but as always there is a catch – Tesco customers will need to also purchase any 3DS game with the console. This will be a further £35 on top of the console, which alone will be £197.

The next question is will other high street and online retailers attempt to match this offer as Amazon currently has the device down for £187(console only) and Sainsbury’s are offering a bonus of 1000 nectar points if you pre-order online for £199.99.

Will you be getting the 3DS on release day or will you be waiting for something more?  Let us know on our Official @Gadget_Helpline twitter page.