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Nintendo President apologises for 3DS poor reception – Pleads for “patience”

Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata has issued a heartfelt apology for the disappointing early days of the portable 3DS console, addressing the lacklustre opening months for the console and assuring owners that exciting titles are on the way and pleading for patience from early buyers.
The Nintendo 3DS was released back in March to poor pre-orders, and disappointing initial response. Price cuts followed, including the most recent huge price slash which will bring the handheld gaming gadget down to around £140. Those who put the faith in and bought the 3DS at full price, before the price cut – refered to by Nintendo as “3DS Ambassadors” – will be rewarded with a bounty of 20 free classic games from NES and Game Boy Advance.
Iwata addresses what most Nintendo fans were thinking – The 3DS has met a poor reception and clearly does not live up to its hype. In frank honesty, uncharacteristic of manufacturers in the gaming industry, the President says (translated):
“If the software creators and those on the retail side are not confident that the Nintendo 3DS is a worthy successor to the DS and will achieve a similarly broad user base, it will be impossible for the 3DS to gain popularity, acquire a wide range of software and eventually create the product cycle for everyone to be satisfied with the system.”
Personally, I believe launching a Nintendo console without a mainstay franchise to accompany it, was a mistake and led to further disappointing sales. But looking back to phenomenal demand for Nintendo’s successful first-gen Wii console – which reset the game and did not have a familiar title to set sail with – Nintendo maybe thought they could repeat the pattern? Iwata brings this thought up:
“Additionally, we know everyone is waiting for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. They are scheduled for release in November and December, respectively, so we ask for your patience until then.”
We like Nintendo, a true survivor in an ever-changing games industry where epic-scale Xbox 360 and PS3 games seem to light the way forward. Nintendo have their niche, and it’s been hard earned for over 25 years. Hopefully they can pull it back for the initially promising 3DS.
The introduction of a Legend of Zelda title on Nintendo 3DS has given the handheld a little push, with nostalgics jumping onboard to enjoy the classic Ocarina of Time game. The ad campaign is fronted by Hollywood funnyman Robin Williams.

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