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Nintendo Project Cafe Video Found To Be Fake

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Last week we reported about a video that was doing the rounds online that reportedly showed off Nintendo’s latest console – well it turns out that the video was a fake and it was actually created as a school project to try and get a video to go viral on the internet.

The students have come clean about their school project and it was all to try and get an A Grade in a project where they needed to make a video go viral – they certainly did that.

The video has already been viewed by 616,000 youtube viewers and we think that the students definitely deserve an A for their work – especially as it got everyone fooled and succeeded as a viral phenomenon, especially in the tech world.

Nintendo’s next console is scheduled to get an official reveal at E3 this year, which starts June 6th. The company’s press conference where the reveal will take place, will happen on June 7th.

So, we’re now back in the dark when it comes to Nintendo’s new console, but what we do know is that it’s shaping up to be an exciting E3 for Nintendo as they look to top last year’s announcement of the 3DS which stole the show.

We think Sony and Microsoft will be watching very carefully as Nintendo tries to steal a march on its competitors again like they did with the Wii.

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