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Sneak peak of Project Cafe / Wii 2 leaked in new video?

Have we finally seen Nintendo’s Project Café / Wii 2 in the flesh (or plastic)? This video filmed at a “private developer conference” would seem to suggest so.

Recently leaked snapshot of Project Cafe "Screen Stream" controller.

In the leaked YouTube video, a presentation is shown featuring a controller concept with the rumoured built-in “Screen Stream” HD display and some diagrams of the unit itself, codename “Project Café”. Images bearing resemblance to photos which popped up online recently.

Look closely and if you’re not too cynical you may get a sneak peak of a console shaped much like the original Wii, only with a sloped edge and a colour which seems to resemble the classic NES and SNES consoles of yesteryear.

We have to admit the video is a little bit suspect, this meeting is “private” but we’d expect a little better attendance for something involving the future of Nintendo’s leading console – and not something resembling a dingy school classroom. Also no sound? Surely if you were going covert at such a conference you’d try to capture anything and eveything you could?

Since this is the uploader’s only video and the “leak” has lasted online for almost a day now we don’t think there’s much truth behind it. We could be wrong though..

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