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Nintendo Wii U Will Come With App Shop – Accessible Through HD Tablet Controller

Nintendo first got ‘net friendly with the original gen Wii back in 2005 allowing gamers to download updates and connect with gaming pals online and across the globe. The Japanese gaming veteran also recently set up shop for its innovative portable, the 3DS – the eShop, where players could boost there gaming arsenal as well as purchasing classic games re-imagined for the 3D handheld. We’ve heard that this idea is just the beginning, and with the second and final appearance of the Wii U at next year’s E3 conference we should be seeing a fully-loaded app store for the HD tablet controlled home console.

Nintendo is suggested to be making the final release of the Wii U ready for the June gaming event in Los Angeles, hopefully making a more satisfying impact than this year’s initial appearance, but with it will come the full details of the app store which will also connect gamers to a rich social network and a range of content channels. Many of the apps purchasable will work through the television but some will also be solely for use on the 6” HD touchscreen, which is currently the main point of sale for the second coming of Wii.

We don’t expect this to replace your Apple iPad, but we think it’s a nice addition to the up until now uninspiring home console. It is amusing to see Nintendo, despite all those denials about some day “going mobile”, they’re actually taking quite a lot from current mobile trends.

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