Nintendo’s NX Kept Secret to Stop Competitors Stealing Ideas

It seems Nintendo is keeping details about its next console very close to its chest, choosing not to reveal even the tiniest bit of gossip to the attendees at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles – the biggest event in the gaming calendar and a frenzy of new hardware and software announcements.

But what’s the reason for Nintendo’s coyness regarding the platform codenamed the NX?

Ninty’s Worldwide President Satoru Iwata has now spoken at a shareholders meeting this week explaining the reason we’re not hearing much about its future console and why they can’t talk about it is because other manufacturers might steal the ideas and ruin the surprise for gamers when the NX is finally announced to the public. Also, and importantly for business, Iwata says it would not be ‘beneficial for the company or its shareholders’ if it started revealing details too soon.

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Nintendo has desperately been trying to cling to these investors since the Wii U fell short of the Nintendo’s expectations and profits over the past few years had hit an all-time low. Losing any more ground to its next gen competitors could act as the final nail in a slowly closing coffin for Nintendo.

Holding out on all information about the NX for the reasons given might seem a bit bananas and a slight case of paranoia by Nintendo, or maybe they do actually have some big tricks up their sleeve. But realistically we think the PlayStation and Xbox brands are currently more interested in playing one-up between themselves (you release a 1-TB console – we release a 1-TB console etc.)

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What we do know about the Nintendo NX is that it will be a completely new console with a “brand new concept” which will “start from 0” according to Iwata – and it won’t be Android-based (or will it?) Nintendo will continue its commitment to supporting and releasing new software for the Wii U and 3DS alongside the new console.

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