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PS4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition Arrives July 15th

Sony has announced that we can expect the arrival of a 1TB version of the PlayStation 4 next month.

Main competitor Microsoft delivered the big news that it will be re-launching its own next gen console – the Xbox One, with double the storage at E3 last week, and now Sony seems to be playing catch-up by revealing the 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition just days after.

The PS4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition will include no major revisions to the hardware in the bundle and aside from the storage upgrade nothing new has been added to the console or its DualShock 4 controller (Xbox One added a 3.5mm jack to its new pad). Sony instead is selling its new PS4 on the promise of more space for games, more potential for downloadable content and unrivalled graphic performance.

Sony refers potential buyers to their respective retailers for price and availability information but we’re yet to spot any specifics or pre-order pages online.

As well as a 1TB PS4, Sony will also be launching another 500GB model. This one will use more cost-effective components and be 10% lighter in weight and use 8% less power to operate. We imagine the PlayStation 4 will hit shelves at a cut down price to rival that of the Xbox One 500GB which itself recently dropped in RRP.

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