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No Samsung Galaxy Nexus 32GB for UK claims retailer

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What’s that you say? No full-fat 32-gigabytes of Samsung Galaxy Nexus goodness coming to the UK? That’s what online retailer Clove seems to think and has been telling the tech community that they and other mobile tech selling outlets will only be stocking the slimmed down 16GB version – Booo!

The news may come as a blow to some Android fans in the UK, as the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have a Micro SD card slot – just like the iPhone – so 16GB is the maximum storage capacity you’ll get.

The Galaxy Nexus was launched earlier this week after a slight delay and along with the updated OS Samsung confirmed the device’s 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display. The Gadget Helpline has the full coverage of both the new handset and the ICS updated Android software.

Clove has listed its stock of Samsung Galaxy Nexus – in the 16GB version – as a pre-order item costing £514.80, with stock due in November.

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