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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Gets Official

Well it’s now official, what Android fans have been patiently waiting for – it’s the latest Ice Cream Sandwich update along with all its new features explained courtesy of Google.

So what’s new? Well, Android 4.0 has a range of new features and is designed to work on both smartphones as well as tablet devices. Starting from the top, it has a new font that is optimised for HD displays along with a new improved keyboard, new widgets and also new notification area.

There are also many other improvements in ICS, including an improved Android browser with a refined tab manager, and also the ability to sync your bookmarks automatically with Chrome on your desktop computer.

Gmail has also been updated in Android 4.0, its now possible to swipe through your inbox as well as being able to search for messages while you’re offline. There is also a new people app which allows you to share high quality pictures amongst other information with your friends on Google+ and other social networks.

Probably the coolest new feature is Face Unlock, if you’re tired of remembering a password or unlock pattern, your smartphone/tablet can be easily unlocked just  by letting your device scan your face.  Don’t forget to check out the video below which includes a demo of the new Face Unlock feature.

Ice Cream Sandwich will first feature on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is due to be released in November. Unfortunately, Google haven’t released any additional information as to when current Android device running previous versions will get the ICS update. Although you can be assured that as soon as we get any information, you’ll be the first to know.

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