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No Nonsense Smartphone Aimed At Over 65 ‘s

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If you are looking  for a new phone ideal for the over 65 ‘s, then the Doro 8030 phone could be exactly what you are looking for. Manufactured in Sweden, the Doro 8030 seems to have been well thought out with the thoughts of others in mind.

Most of us have an elderly relative that we know would benefit from a smartphone. Even if it is only a means of keeping in touch this could be the perfect device for those who stick their heads in the clouds as tech progresses.


The device has a number of features specifically designed for ease of use and the older consumer.

  • Large easy to use buttons
  • Easy to learn and Verb driven OS
  • Panic button
  • Easy grip rear coating
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • AUX Headphones socket
  • Sim Free 
  • 4G

My Doro Manager

Obviously, everyone would love to be able to assist their older relatives with technical support needs but unfortunately, sometimes, it just isn’t possible to be there every day. Thankfully Doro have included the My Doro Manager.


This gives relatives the ability to assist easily from their own device. 

With use comes the understanding. 

After helping out a lot of the older generation with smartphone issues, one thing become obvious.  Fear of using it or the fear of breaking it. When an issue is explained in a way that the user understands, a lot of that fear goes away.

Thankfully, one of the key features of this device is the Verb drive operating system.

Instead of having to find an icon or app the device basically asks what you want to do.

Each swipe will reveal large easy to understand icons. For example, tapping Set (large spanner icon) the device will open up your options:

  • An assistance option
  • A display option
  • An audio option
  • A general option

Tapping assistance option will show the user:

  • My assistance button
  • My information in case of emergency (ICE)

There are many more options in what seems to be a very easy to understand OS aimed at a largely untapped over 65 market.

Nicely done Doro!