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Nokia Acquires Photo Experts Scalado, Sells Luxury Mobile Brand Vertu

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As Nokia’s profits continue to slip, the company has made moves to offload unnecessary areas of its business and focus on Windows Phone and its camera phone expertise.

After many rumours the company has sold off Vertu, a luxury mobile phone brand that Nokia has owned for some time now. The company announced that it would be selling the brand to EQT VI, a European equity firm. Nokia will retain a 10% stake in the company, while it’s unclear if Nokia will be able to share technologies with Vertu as it has done previously.

The sale comes as part of a streamlining process to help the company’s financial situation. It has been estimated that Nokia will cut off up to 10,000 jobs within the next few years as a part of this plan.

While one company has been sold, Nokia took the chance to acquire another company in the place of Vertu; Scalado. We’ve talked of what Scalado does before, when it demonstrated a clever camera app for smartphones that allowed the user to effectively remove certain aspects of the image.

Scalado’s technology is used in the new camera application within the BlackBerry 10 OS, whereby users can ‘rewind’ through an image to choose the optimum moment. Scalado’s ‘Rewind’ feature is also integrated in the camera suite on the HTC One X.

Clearly Nokia feels that its services are valuable, and on Thursday it announced it would be acquiring the company. Along with its deal with Carl Zeiss and a long history in camera phones, it would seem that Nokia’s focus for the future is on camera technology. We’ve heard that the Pureview technology would be coming to Lumia Windows Phones in the future, and perhaps some of Scalado’s clever software will make the cut to make things even sweeter.

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