Nokia May Re-Enter Phone Market in 2016

Nokia are stealthily about to sneak their way back into the mobile market, following some deals with Microsoft that lead to their Lumia branch becoming absorbed into the computing giant. Several foul ups a few years ago led to Nokia being thoroughly outpaced by Apple and Google’s handsets, leading to the sell off of their assets.

However, Nokia Technologies remained an unsold arm of Nokia’ former smartphone empire, which one peddled nigh ion indestructible brick phones to our teenage selves. Ironically these mobiles lasted longer than Nokia’s golden age.

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Nokia Technologies are hoping to recapture some of the company’s former glories, and has sort of stayed in the background throughout the company’s history. Comprising a few offices in three different countries, the small aprt of the old Nokia holds patents, and occasionally licenses products to other companies.

Most recently Nokia Technologies released the N1, an Android tablet which it licensed to another manufacturer for sale in chine. Nokia is currently in a contract with Microsoft which stops it selling devices under the Nokia brand until the end of this year. However, projects such as the N1 and clever outside licensing could rake in a bit of capital for Nokia under the radar.

The toughest object in the world, by Nokia.

Nokia technologies has also been looking for new talent, taking on board some executives from around the industry, such as Ramzi Haidamus, formerly of Dolby Labs as well as Guido Jouret, formerly of Cisco to be its chief technology officer. Nokia technologies are clearly gathering their strength for when that Microsoft contract expires.

The rumor and rumblings around the division are numerous, with some saying they’re going to head straight back into making phones as soon as they can. however, there have been more interesting rumors of a possible virtual reality device coming out of the division.

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Whatever happens, Nokia isn’t about to lay down and die. The company has been here for as long as most of us can remember. in a recent statement they sounded optimistic, promising that they are “expanding into exciting new areas … with a focus on enabling the human possibilities of the connected world,”.

Hopefully there will be more Nokia news in the next few months, but we won;t likely see anything until at least 2016 for sure. We’ll stay on board with the rumors in the mean time.

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