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Nokia to begin shipping Windows Phones in Q4

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Finnish co. Nokia’s official Twitter presence has informed the tech-world that it’s roll out of Window Phone 7.5 (Mango) handsets will begin shipping come Q4.

Nokia's 'Sea Ray' in all it's unofficial glory.

We’d place a safe bet that  first off the production line will be the ‘Sea Ray’ handset – the Nokia handset which got a very public very unofficial outing a little while ago, when Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop produced one from his pocket at a private developers meeting. When asked not to take photos or videos someone, of course, took photos and videos – Much to the delight of us tech bloggers.

A few other scraps, all leaks,  have been thrown our way, but nothing official from the Finns. From what we know so far from the speculation is that ‘Sea Ray’ will feature just ‘one piece’ casing construction. If you got chance to see the Nokia N9 up close on in person in your country you’ll have a basic idea – we sadly did not) and it’ll man up to any rough a tumble tasks with a special ‘Gorilla Glass’ screen. The first Window Phone for Nokia is also said to pack 8-megapixel shooter and comes with that fruity Mango goodness, as the anticipated OS update will come pre-loaded.   

This is, as always, pure hearsay and we’d hope for Nokia’s sake whatever it has up its sleeve is pulled out early in the quarter ahead of the influx of gadget’s packing Google’s Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ operating software.

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