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Mr. Nutcase – The Personalised Smartphone Cases Review

We were recently offered the chance to try out one of the personalised cases from Mr. Nutcase, an online retailer that specialises in unique and custom tech protection for smartphones and tablets and boasts ‘quality, not quantity’ – meaning you don’t even have to buy a bunch of them, and Mr. Nutcase takes one off orders of practically any design you can come up with!

Cases on offer cover a number of manufacturers and there’s a massive range of models from Apple iPhone 5S to BlackBerry Z10 and even more sizeable tech such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Once you’ve chosen your model there are the tools to create your own custom design including an image of your choice from a whole load already available, or upload your own photo, as well as add words and choice of fonts should you desire.

Here at the Gadget Helpline we get to report on and handle some of the top notch tech releases for the blog and for our support service, however my own pocket gadgets are practically prehistoric and I still rely on a trusty old Samsung Galaxy S (yes, the original one). The phone has of course taken a few knocks and the case is looking pretty weathered, so the chance to get a nice new shell with personal design for it was an opportunity to leap at and I immediately placed my order quickly and easily on the Mr. Nutcase website!

I, of course, chose a photo of myself – a particular favourite promo picture for my moonlighting as an event M.C – and within two days of receiving the order confirmation the case arrived from the nice folks at Mr. Nutcase and I was pleased with the results.

The image l chose to put on looks sharp and clean on the case and the print doesn’t look cheap like the type that would easily wear off after a few trips in and out of the pocket. The image appears on a sturdy plastic outer case which easily clips over the existing phone body adding just a little extra bulk to the size and weight of the handset but nothing to complain about and with a slight texturing to the print it actually adds a bit of additional grip to the phone. The case also comes with generously cut out sections leaving camera, charger port and all important features accessible to even the larger handed user, such as I.

Prices for custom phone cases at start at £14.95, shipping is very quick and the service is very good and they’ll let you know that your order is being processed and when it’s been shipped. We’d recommend the Mr. Nutcase to anyone looking to customise or have a bit of fun with their gadgets!