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Obsolete Device? – Hipster Predictions

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With the rapid advance in technology we have been seeing in the last few years, you have probably noticed that its becoming quite expensive to keep up. Devices that are new tend to be quite expensive if you are purchasing an item of reasonable quality of course. They also tend to go obsolete almost over night.  Well, fear not, we, at Gadgethelpine, have come up with a list of devices that could be worth saving for a rainy day. Or possibly an Ebay listing, ahem.

Talking of Ebay. If you look through the site right now you will find many items, such as Gameboy Colours for instance, are reaching quite a high price compared to how much value they had a year ago.  Some Sega master systems are now going for over £800, and, lets not forget, possibly the best phone ever made, the 3310 can now reach figures as high as £100. Time to dig through that old gadget bag!

VHS Players

Believe it or not, people still keep a lot of their old VCR tapes. For this reason alone their price could go up in value over time. In July this year, the last known manufacturer of VCR spares ceased to trade. Because of this, a working VCR machine could become quite the nest-egg. some Horror VCR tapes go for quite a lot of money already to collectors so this could be quite the shrewd investment.

Landline phones

There used to be many designs of the landline phone that we had to have as our only source of contact with the outside world. No longer is this true. Today we use the Hive-mind known as the internet to communicate instantly with our friends, relatives and colleagues. And, generally, most people nowadays have a mobile phone.

We are not saying here that all the phones would have dollar signs floating above them but, to some, in a possible future. Certain designs could hold some nostalgic value. For example, vintage looking landline phones can still fetch quite the price today. If you consider that fact in then the phone you are looking at now could well be in some collectors eyes a few years from now.

MP3 Players

Nearly all mobile phones have some kind of media player installed in them and the need for a separate music device is swiftly fading into the past. As long as the device still works though, it could fetch a pretty penny in the years to come. Now that Apple has decided nobody needs an analogue 3.5mm headset anymore this will just compound the investment; todays throwaway society will just adjust and ‘out with the old in with the new’ so to speak.

Early digital cameras

To a photographer, every camera has its merit. Believe it or not, a throw-away camera can take some of the best shots, depending on the situation of course. For this reason alone we advise you stash away any digital cameras you have laying around gaining dust in the study draw. If they still work, even better! You never know; that obscure make and model make take a certain style of shot perfectly.

With all the above devices we recommend sealing up in plastic and storing in a warm dry place. This will keep them in the condition they were stored in and could be well worth the time involved doing so.

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