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Oneplus 2 OxygenOS Update Incoming

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The Oneplus 2 has been around now since July 2015 and runs on OxygenOS. On release, the company promised to keep the phone updated for 24 months. Two years in existence and the updates have stopped.

Because of this, Oneplus have been causing a stir among their user base. They announced four weeks ago that they would not be updating the Oneplus 2 any longer. In other words, there will not be an Android N update for OxygenOS.

For a company that is currently doing its best to become a real contender in the upper tiers of the smartphone industry, this is akin to tying your horse to a post and whipping it to go faster.

So, placing the OP2’s lack of android N update aside let’s have a look at what this new update will bring:

Oneplus 2 Update

What’s new:

  • Updated Android security patch level to 1st June 2017
  • Updated timezone to GMT+3 in Turkey

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed VoLTE related issues in India
  • Fixed device not being able to automatically register on 4G networks

If you really cannot be without the magical combination of the OP2 and Nougat then there is a way of making it happen.

N.B. Not for the faint hearted or technologically uninclined.

Firstly you will need to head over to the XDA forum or OP forum for a custom ROM that will work with your OP2.

Once you have this then click the link for a full rundown on how to flash a custom ROM at Androidpit

Either way, as with previous Oneplus updates, the rollout will be incremental; if you do not have it yet you should have it within a couple of days.

For any advice or support don’t forget to keep an eye on the gadgethelpline for future posts